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Merino Wool / Silk (4oz)
Merino Wool / Silk (4oz)
Merino Wool / Silk (4oz)
Merino Wool / Silk (4oz)

85% Merino Wool / 15% Silk (4oz)

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Merino Wool / Silk top

Colors in this roving include pink, white, green, and aqua.

Merino is versatile long staple fiber with excellent spinning and felting properties. It spins beautifully, and is soft enough to be worn close to the skin. This merino is 23 micron (Bradford 64's). This is blended with bleached tussah silk (85% merino / 15% silk), creating a lovely combination.

* This is commercially dyed wool top that has been blended to our specifications. Be aware that colors may appear differently on different computer monitors, but every effort has been made to portray them as accurately as possible. *

* These are stock photos for this blend - there is some variation between individual braids *

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