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Falkland Wool (4 oz)
Falkland Wool (4 oz)
Falkland Wool (4 oz)
Falkland Wool (4 oz)

Falkland Wool (4 oz)

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4 oz. of Falkland wool top / roving.

Microns: range from 18-33, mostly around 27-30

Staple Length: 80-100mm / 3-4 inches

Excellent for spinning and felting – it makes a great knitting yarn with both softness and structure. Suitable for being worn next to skin.

Exceptionally bright white in color (attributed to the climate of the islands, and absence of many types of bacteria that can cause color variation). This makes it an excellent choice when seeking a natural bright white or a base for dyeing. While other natural colors of sheep can be found the islands, their wool is not included in the fiber pool, so exported Falkland wool is almost always white.

 Because Falkland wool is pooled from several different breeds, crimp and other characteristics can vary widely. If fiber consistency is important to your project, we recommend purchasing as much as you need for a project at one time so that it all comes from the same batch. 

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