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Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash  (Fragrance Free)

Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash (Fragrance Free)

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Unicorn's Everyday Cleaning Soap, Unscented

Use Unicorn Beyond Fibre Wash for:

Washing Everyday Laundry
Mixing Your Own Household Cleaners
Treating Odors in Fabrics

For a Fibre Wash experience with a fresh scent, try Unicorn Fibre Wash.

Please contact us for bulk discounts, or gallon pricing.

Unicorn Features:

Removes grease & stains better than competitors.
Efficient & effective in all water temperatures.
Earth friendly & biodegradable.
Gentle & FREE from dyes, phosphates, fillers, or irritants.
Not tested on animals & made in the USA.

Always follow Manufacturer's Care Label directions. Test for colorfastness before washing.

Ingredients: Anionic and nonionic surfactants Sodium Bicarbonate/Carbonate which is a baking soda that helps remove stains and odors from fibers and helps raise the PH in water to clean better. Copolymer; Ethanol, Acetic Acid Solution (a vinegar like solution) that helps in the cleaning process and also helps lock in colors, aqua and .01% lavender fragrance (classic scent or .0004% essential oil (fragrance free).