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Unicorn Fibre products now available at Woolgatherings

We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering Unicorn's amazing line of products to our customers. It's what we use here in our studio to rinse and wash our wool, and it can be trusted to safely clean everything from raw fleece to delicate hand knits.

4oz Bottles

Some highlights from Unicorn:

Unicorn's gentle cleaning action destroys dirt but preserves the integrity of even the most delicate fibres, handmade heirlooms and baby items.

Use 50% less on average than competitive products in warm water. Meaning you save money by ordering less product, using less energy and forget the boosters Unicorn works solo!

Unicorn is free of all the weird stuff from SLS to gluten, Unicorn is the best choice for sensitive individuals and their families. 

Unicorn is earth friendly, bio-degradable, and septic-safe. And of course, Unicorn has never, and will never, be tested on animals and is made in the USA. 

Unicorn's Beyond products are fragrance free. Unicorn's Fibre line is lightly scented. 


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